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An Idea Is Born

LocalFood2Go was created in 2020 after talking with several local independent restaurant owners. At the time, we were providing online ordering and marketing services for about half a dozen local restaurants.

During these conversations, restaurant owners began sharing the various challenges they were facing during the pandemic and how it was affecting their business. By and large, many turned to the big delivery companies to keep their business afloat during their pandemic. These companies provided a convenient online ordering platform during the shutdowns.

These companies were causing frustration.

They often charged high commissions which were, in turn, passed on to customers. Their delivery drivers were often unreliable. Customer service issues were not handled locally but using phone banks that were located outside of our area. By using them they realized that they were allowing random delivery drivers to leave with not only their food, but their reputation.

Many restaurants began asking us if there were alternative solutions to the big delivery companies. We did some research and found there were very few viable options. So we created a simple way to help our local restaurant owners break free of their reliance on delivery. After carefully studying the marketplace we returned to the restaurants and proposed the idea of a “Community Based Restaurant Network” which would support both local businesses by providing them an easy to use online platform at no cost. We would also provide them with a free online ordering menu that could be embedded directly on their website (if they had one) or we would build one for them. Again, at no cost. We would help them get more orders from Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms. Every single one said they would be willing to join the network.

Today, many more restaurants are joining together to take back control of not only their online ordering and delivery business but also to expand their digital footprint. They realize that by joining our network they will have the opportunity to regain control of their online presence and grow their business.

The Current Situation

  • Most small independent restaurants lack a solid digital footprint. Meaning they have no real social media presence. They often have a very poorly built website, if they have one at all. Their Facebook page is nothing more than a digital bulletin board where they post daily specials and food photos.
  • Delivery companies charge high commissions which are either paid by the restaurant or charged back to the customer resulting in customers paying more for their food.
  • Local restaurants used delivery companies to provide a digital presence for them when the pandemic arrived.
  • Some delivery companies have unethically put their menu on their platform without the restaurant's permission, resulting in inaccurate orders, menus that are not current, and customer dissatisfaction.
  • Most restaurants have no way for customers to order from their own branded website and online ordering platform. If they do they often pay a hefty price to have their own online ordering platform.
  • Customers prefer to simply search for a restaurant and order directly from them instead of a third-party site. They would rather pay the same price online that they would if they sat down for dinner.
  • Many restaurants lack links on their Facebook Page, Google, and their other social media platforms to their own branded online platform where customers can order directly from them.

Delivery Companies Are Not The Answer

Some facts:

  • Some restaurants have as many as 6 tablets. This can be confusing and overwhelming to their staff
  • Delivery drivers from these large companies can be unreliable and put the restaurant's reputation at risk.
  • Your customers are really the delivery companies' customers. They market to them to generate more orders but not from your business. They capture your customers data and use it to provide deals to similar restaurants.
  • Restaurants lack control of who is picking up their food, when they are picking it up and what happens to it when the driver leaves.
  • Little to no accountability for poor drivers or driver mistakes. Restaurants are often simply refunded for bad customer experiences without the situation being fixed


Being part of the LocalFood2Go Network provides maximum value for local independent restaurants at a minimum cost to you and reducing the fees paid by their customers. Working together, we strategically grow your digital footprint.and help you take more orders from your own website, Facebook page, Google and other platforms.

Localfood2Go is not a traditional delivery service. However, we do help restaurants that would like to take control of their delivery. One of our goals is to help restaurants reclaim this vital part of their business by providing them with a dedicated or shared food runner at no cost to them. We do all of the necessary background checks, insure the runner while they are transporting the food, and provide the runners with cutting edge driver software. You are always in control of who is delivering your food. We provide all of this without charging high commissions which cause menu markups for your customers

We promote network members through our social media, the LocalFood2Go online directory, SMS and Text marketing and other platforms that reach thousands of people locally. All at no cost to the restaurant. We typically see 2 to 3 Times more orders coming in when a location is set up properly and promotes their OWN online ordering platform.

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Membership has its perks

We have arranged savings on many services from local and national partners to make your life as a restaurant owner simpler. These may be paid services however in most instances we have arranged a Membership Discount.

  • Food Photography 33% Discount
  • Social Media Support
  • Merchant Lending – Varies
  • POS SYSTEMS – We are partners with TOAST and HarborTouch
  • Tablet Consolidation through Ordermark or Otter
  • Payroll Service
  • Bill Auditing and Negotiation (Free-only pay when they save $)
  • Marketing and Advertising Services
  • Virtual Kitchen Services
  • Shared/Dedicated Delivery Driver (Free)
  • Digital Menu Boards
  • Menu Design
  • POS Integration Service with LocalFood2Go
  • Phone Ordering Support
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