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More Than a Food
Delivery Company...

LocalFood2Go is a an innovative NEW Community Based Delivery Network made up of restaurants, drivers and our community coming together to support local restaurants and other small businesses. 

Over the last several years, especially during the Pandemic, it became obvious to anyone who owns a restaurant that they need to have an online ordering platform and be able to provide delivery. In good times these are great additional revenue streams. In down times, they can mean the difference between shuttering the doors or staying profitable. 

In Spring of 2020, the unthinkable happened and restaurants were forced to close their doors to indoor dining. For those that were prepared they had online ordering at the ready or had already signed up with a major delivery service. For a time, these services waived their commissions in an effort to help... but that did not last long. Stay with us here... We will explain more.. 

As we worked with local restaurants we learned a few things. First, these nationwide delivery services are expensive and cut into the margins. Next, great personalized customer service was difficult to come by. And lastly, aside from local drivers being employed much of the profit these companies were siphoning off were used to enhance the corporate bottom line. 

So we set out to create a solution where #shoplocal was more than just a hashtag.